I specialize in solving complex problems in highly stressful situations and protecting people when they need it the most, so if you are looking for someone to guide you around the potential hazards of buying or selling Real Estate then let me show you how far I’m willing to go to protect my people!

As a Volunteer Firefighter I am proud to offer special “Money Back” options to help support my Brothers and Sisters in both my Jiu-Jitsu Family and my Emergency Services Family. So if you train BJJ or if you (or a direct family member) are a Firefighter (inc. structural, aerial, wildlands, etc.), Sheriff, Police Officer, Corrections Officer, EMT, Paramedic, Military, 911 Dispatcher or a First Responder of any kind, then I know your level of standards and expectations and I want to work with you!

I look forward to showing you how easy Real Estate transactions can be when you have someone who truly cares by your side.

Carl’s above and beyond approach, joyful personality and caring attitude has helped turn many of his customer relationships into long-standing friendships which he is very proud to say continue to refer business to him today. Carl’s passion for protecting and helping others goes much further than just his Real Estate Business and he is consistently working with the community to make his town a safer place.